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How to view casino gaming

To some of us, gambling is something to be taken very seriously, and it’s like a lifestyle where huge amounts of your personal money are spent on casino games. However, that is a lifestyle that is hard to keep up with, unless you’re incredibly rich, which most of us aren’t. Sure, if you make a lot of money at your job, it’s only fair enough you bet as much as you want on that, it’s your money and your choice. But most of us regular folks aren’t super rich, and we can’t afford to spend all our money on online gambling.

One of the most important things to remember when you play casino games is to view it as a recreational activity, and not as a second job or a way to make money. Trust me, if you want to get wealthy, there are far better options than casino gaming. As I’m sure you know, every single casino game in the world is designed to make you lose more than you win. You can read more detailed articles on this on sites like as well as (which you can find here). Even if the edge the house has over the player is marginal, the longer you play, the more likely it is that the house edge takes its toll on you. Compared to working longer hours, for example, where financial profit is guaranteed, casino gaming is a far more risky way of trying to make money.

This is why I suggest that you let your casino gaming be a hobby instead. Every time you play, you should view the money that you put in a bet as a purchase. “What am I buying then?” you might ask. Well, you’re simply buying some excitement. Just as you would buy a movie or a computer game to get a thrilling experience, you will buy a bet in a casino game for the same thrill. If you win, great, but if you lose that’s also fine, the results should be irrelevant. So how do you make the result irrelevant? By simply keeping the rule of never betting more money than you can afford to lose. Gambling should always be about fun, and you should never risk getting in to any kind of financial problem because of it. Read more on how to control your gaming habits on!

People who start betting more and more money often develop an addiction to gambling, just like a drug. To feel the same excitement he did in the beginning where he used to be €1 on every spin on a slot machine, he now has to bet €10 on every spin, just like an alcoholic has to drink more and more to get drunk the heavier the addiction gets. It’s not uncommon for heavy gambling addicts to feel that everything else in life becomes dull, and the only thing that and get him to feel alive is by gambling. If you suspect that you might have a gambling problem, i suggest you read the articles on sites like

So that’s it folk, try and keep you online casino gaming fun and light!

Features that I like in online casinos

As we all know, online casino gaming has become extremely popular in later years, and it seems to me that most people aren’t even interested in going to live casinos anymore. I suppose live casinos has their charm, and surely it’s really nice to visit one once in a while, to get that glamorous experience that only a flashy casino can offer. But to us regular gamblers, online casinos are just way more convenient, cheap and useful.

As online gambling has become so popular, tons of different casino sites has came into existence which I think is a good thing. You can find plenty of them at casino portals such as Euro Gambler, which have reviews over some of the most popular casinos in the world. Now, most of these casino websites are actually quite similar to each other. The games are usually alike on every site, as well is the basic concept of it all, but there are a few special features, that you might not notice straight away, that I think can really bring the casino to that top level.

Customer support

I think that casinos should have several options when it comes to the customer service side of things. In this day and age, having a support email simply isn’t enough to satisfy the customers. Most casinos that I prefer offer several different contact options, such as telephone, email and chat. This way you can choose the type of contact method you prefer. I also like it when the websites has a FAQ section which you can browse through and see if you can find an answer. Of course, I think the customer service should be available at all times of the day, every day of the week. To find out more about which casinos offer the best customer service, follow this link!

Winner boards

There are few things that gets me in the mood of gambling the same way a winner board does. It’s always inspiring to see who’s been winning the largest wins during the day, week or year at the website. This feature really proves to you that you CAN win big in online gambling, and when you do, it’s extremely satisfying to see your own name on the winner board!

Casino tournaments

As casino gaming is a game that you play solo, without any opponents, it can be very refreshing to visit websites which offers casino tournaments in which you can compete against other players, and not just the casino itself. These are usually done with slot machines, where you buy in with a certain amount and then simply start playing. This way you get both the thrill of playing slot machines, but also get to entertain the competitive side of your personality, which is great! has a large listing of great online casinos, most of them offering casino tournaments. Click here to read more!